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Top 10 Ways to Gain Lost Motivation in Programming

Programming can be bit frustrating sometimes. It's easy to lose interest in programming. So, here are few steps to regain lost motivation in programming.

Losing Motivation in Programming is quite easy. Programming can be a bit hard on the head sometimes. I have seen many people losing motivation and hope after they can’t solve a programming error and then they leave it forever.

I am also a programmer and I can feel your pain as well. I know how hard it can be and frustrating. So, after a while, I used to get bored with programming and lose motivation to do more. This is usually known as Programmer Burnout.

I used to say “I have no interest in programming”. Now, when I think back, I realize that I did great for not losing hope. To motivate me I tried many things. Here is a list of tips and ideas that worked for me to motivate myself to do programming.

#1 Take a Break

If you think you can do programming non-stop and as long as you want, then it will not be a surprise that after some time you will lose motivation in writing any program.

Just Take a Break! Pause everything you are doing for some time.

Shut down your PC and go out. You can go on a vacation or go out for a party with your friends to chill out. You can do even something as simple as exercise or go to the gym. This will help you freshen your mind for future work. Trust me this really works!

I was able to solve some problems that I couldn’t before, just after taking a simple break.

#2 Get Inspired

When you are low on motivation it is a very good idea to get inspired by other people, their work, and stories. You should watch inspirational or motivational videos if it lifts you up.

I will recommend watching some Ted Talks of people who became successful with their hard work and programming. It will boost you up to learn more to achieve your target.

#3 Make it More Fun

Programming can be fun if you do it the right way. Use creative ideas to make programming more fun, this will help you regain your lost motivation in programming.

Challenge your friends to do something, like solving a programming bug. Ask them to come up with amazing ideas and tricks. Play games and quizzes related to programming. Do something hilarious with programming. Laughter and humor can help you motivate to program more and more.

#4 Lift yourself with success stories

One of the main motivating factors for me was watching other people become successful with programming. I used to see my friends complete amazing projects.

There so many successful programmers out there which you can take as inspiration.

Just take Mark Zuckerberg for example. He created so many cool stuff in his college time before creating Facebook. He did all this just for fun and not to get some reward. One key trait common with all amazing programmers is that they do programming for fun.

Take them as an example, learn about their successful experience, and motivate yourself.

#5 Work with a Group of Friends

Working in a group is always helpful for you as well as others. If you can’t solve a problem you can take help from your friends. You just cannot burden yourself with all the work, eventually, you will get tired.

Working with friends is always a treat. Laughing, joking, and contributing lead to a healthy environment.

Just give it a try!

#6 Program for Yourself

If you program to just get the work done or because it was given to you for completion, then most probably you will lose you motivation to do programming. Start to program for yourself before programming for others.

Start coding what you really want to code. Always program for yourself first. Do what you like and like what you do!

Simply make something for yourself or create something that you like. Create something you really want to make.

#7 Streamline your Progress

It is a bad idea to work continuously to get a result. Always create a streamlined approach to your work.

Do not work on everything at once. It will be best for you to divide your project work in chunks to achieve it in a streamlined fashion. Create a schedule for work. For example, if you are building a website, you might want to work on the looks and styling of the page first, then work backend.

Similarly, you can maintain your work order so that, you don’t get frustrated.

#8 Think before you Code

I did this mistake when I started programming. I used to sit down and write codes to create projects. But it created several problems for me to solve because I did not have any structured plan.

I will advise programmers to think about your goal. Think about which part of the code you want to work on first.

Solve the problem first and then write the code. This technique will help you ease out the process of building a project. Eventually, you will find some motivation after you step by step move towards your target.

#9 Share your Experience with other Programmers

Whenever you find yourself dull and low, you should start taking with your fellows. Share your experience with other programmers. Take their experience as learning. You never know when you will find a great idea with other programmers’ experiences.

Share your problems, thoughts, and ideas with each other. Expressing yourself with others help you gain mental strength. Mental strength will lead to a motivated mind for programming.

#10 Show your success

Lastly, show your success to the world. This is one of the main reasons for my motivation. People will acknowledge your hard work. They will know how passionate you are. This will give you a boost in motivation to perform better and more. Doing all this stuff will keep you interested in programming and help you regain your lost motivation.

In the end, I will say, do what keeps you motivated and interested in programming. Programming is easy if you put your heart into it. Any suggestions or recommendations, you can tell me in the comments below. You can share your ideas and thoughts on how you keep yourself motivated to do programming.

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