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8 Reasons Why Programming is so Boring For You

If you think why programming is boring then you should look at the following reasons. This might give you some hints to improve yourself as a programmer.

You have come this far, then you must have one question in mind “why Programming is so boring”. Earlier, I used to think the same when I would program day long solving bugs which took most of my time creating the program. It was quite frustrating for me. Believe me or not I used to yell when I couldn’t solve a bug.

Well, with time I learned many things and got a little bit of experience to deal with such situations. I would cheer myself up when I lost motivation in programming. I used to think about “what are the reasons that make me find programming boring”.

Reasons for getting bored while Programming.

#1 Programming Too Much

This of the main reasons why most beginner programmers feel that programming is boring. It is obvious that if you are gonna program day and night without taking a break. Then you might feel that this is boring. Although this is not the case with all of the programmers. Some coders are very efficient and can work for long hours without being tired or bored.

This can be one of the reasons for thinking that programming is so boring. You might wanna take a break for a time being. So that you can start up fresh.

#2 Not Putting Enough Efforts

When you don’t put enough efforts, then programming becomes hard. If you do not put enough efforts to understand the piece of code, you are telling yourself that you are not interested in programming.

The best way to deal with this situation is to understand every bit of code and try to improve your programming skills with each program.

When you start to put real efforts into programming you will find interesting and you will start to code more thereafter.

#3 You Just want to get it Completed

“Programming to just get it over with” is not a good mindset while you are programming. As a programmer, it is important to code with interest and improvement of your skills.

Most programmers who take projects from clients, want it to get it done as soon as possible. I have met a few developers who take interest in every different project they do.

Try to learn more and improve more when you work on a project. Do not just think about completion.

#4 Programming Same Stuff

Programming similar type of code again and again will make you little bit bored. It is a very good idea to work on different code time to time in an interval. So, you can sharpen your mind.

In the beginning, I used to work on similar type of programs many times. In the end, I felt tired and bored thinking “Why I have to do this code again”.

I took side projects for myself. These projects were different from my typical learning programs. It helped me to keep my focus.

#5 No Planning before Programming

This is something very much important. Without a proper planning you will lose yourself in the middle of the project. This will be very frustrating when you have no idea what to do next.

When you work on any project. You have to properly plan every step to reach your target. You need to distribute work in segments, so they don’t mix up.

This is one of the most common reason for feeling bored while coding stuff.

#6 Taking it as a Job

Do not do programming thinking it is a job. Even if it a job given to you, never think like that. Think as if you are solving someone’s problem. This is the reason most software engineers feel bored while working for job.

When you take a project as a hurdle instead of a client’s work, You will find some motivation to perform more on the work.

Mankind was given with a gift called “Curiosity”. It is a powerful tool that will keep you going in a long run as a developer.

#7 Being Not So Creative

Creativity is a part of Curiosity.

Being not creative at your work will also make you feel bored. Do creative stuff while programming. Make new things for yourself and for everyone.

When you start to put creativity in your programs, you will find yourself more engaged in developing more of them.

Just go through GitHub and you will find amazing and creative stuff that will boost you do something creative of your own. Put your effort into the development and you will not feel bored while programming.

#8 Not Learning New Tech

We are living in a world where tech gets updated every now and then. Compared to before we have come quite far in terms of technology.

It’s good to keep learning old tech. You should never forget your roots. But it is not advisable to be stuck on that.

New programming languages and new development tech are popping out regularly. Start learning new tech to keep yourself interested in programming.

For example, there are R programming, Rust, Kotlin and many other new programming languages have been developed. You should consider learning them. It will create a broad understanding towards development for you.

Work Hard, Stay Motivated!

Programming is fun. Given that you do it the right way. These are some of the reasons that make you feel programming is so boring. I hope you can work upon yourself after finding your weakness. If you have any other reason in your mind you can tell me in the comments below.

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