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Why Cloud Computing is Important

Cloud computing has recently become popular and many companies are investing heavily in it. But why cloud computing is important.

Technology is changing day by day. We are advancing in technology at a very advanced pace. We started with computers now we have come to cloud computing.

Cloud computing has recently become popular and many companies are investing heavily in it. From Data Analytics to Storage, Cloud Computing has an outstanding variety of options. It is changing the way we are using computer resources.

In this post, you will learn about how much Cloud Computing is important to us and how it plays a great role in computer organization.

What is Cloud Computing?

why cloud computing is important

If we are to define Cloud Computing, we can simply say that it is a technology that provides on-demand computational and storage resources to the user without the user being managing it attentively.

Cloud Computing offers a wide range of options, from storage to computation, servers, etc. So it is basically like having a computer somewhere in the world without even managing it. This is done possible with many data centers which contain thousands of service actively being managed and monitored. 

Some of the big names in cloud computing are Google, Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, and Microsoft Azure. They have data centers all around the world.  The Amazing part about Cloud Computing is you can choose the type of configuration for your cloud compute engine. A virtual environment with this configuration will be created for your usage.

7 Reasons Why Cloud Computing is Important

Cloud computing is one of the most important aspects of today’s technologies. It has many benefits and resources that can help in the work environment. Here are the reasons why it is important.

Reduction of Cost

As compared to the local hardware machine that you will use or are using, cloud computing provides a better solution to that with a marginal reduction in the cost.

Cloud Companies provide very lucrative prices or plans for their resources. It is quite cheap in cost compared to the original hardware resource. The amazing thing about it is that you can choose the right plan according to your needs.

For example, you can buy cloud servers for your blog for $10 - $15 easily in the market. This reduction in price helps you to invest that money in the important aspect of your business.

Scalable Environment

Cloud computing organizes a virtual environment. In a business, which is growing you may want to scale your resources in further resources. You can do that easily with cloud services.

In a local machine, there will many factors affecting the scaling of the hardware resources. Allocating hardware, time, and money can seriously affect the business.

For example, suppose you have a web application on a cloud computing service that uses fewer resources currently. In the future, if the traffic to your web application increases you may need more performance-effective hardware.

As cloud servers are virtual environments on-demand to the user. You can easily scale or upgrade to your requirements without even worrying about the hardware. It plays an important factor in cloud computing.

Virtualization of Data

Cloud services create a virtual environment where you can save, access, and manage your data. It ensures easy management of the data. Most businesses today have moved to a virtual form of data because it is very easy to manage and process.

It also ensures data security and safety. There are companies that will help to transition to digital cloud services seamlessly and effectively. It saves time, money, and resources as well.


When it comes to computational power, performance is a big contributing factor. Cloud computing provides users with performance according to their needs. These systems are designed as a high-performance device. They can be calibrated so well to handle the workload efficiently.

Same performing hardware will be very costly if you locally design and allocate it. Thus cloud services give an edge over traditional system. Nowadays, many big tech companies are collaborating for high-tech grade system hardware design.

Easy Data Recovery and Backups

Data loss is a costly fault that can happen to anyone or any business. This is why it is always advised to keep backups of data to ensure data safety. Cloud services automatically does that for you.

When you save data on cloud storage, many copies are made for the data and sent to data centers. These data centers are located geographically apart. Even in case of natural calamity, your data will always remain safe on the cloud.

Data Backups on the cloud are very easy to handle. Basically, modern cloud storage services automatically do that for you. You can even schedule a timely backup according to your ease.

Advanced Technologies

You will get the most modern technologies and up-to-date software while using cloud services. Cloud computing allows you to use your personal choice of work to complete your requirements.

You can manipulate the software configuration according to your choices.


Security of the data is one of the most important factors when it comes to good infrastructure. We have heard so many cases of data breach or hardware breach. Losing critical or personal data to the wrong hands is a nightmare for anyone.

Cloud computing provides a number of different precautions and measures to ensure that your data is kept safe and secure from malicious attackers. Although any organization cannot guarantee 100% security, implementing safe practices can ensure proper security. Cloud service provides take extra steps to enhance the security of your resource.

Importance of Cloud Computing for Businesses

Today, most businesses are moving towards cloud computing as an option for on-demand hardware resources. The growth in this field has exceptionally increased over time. Just look at the graph below showing searches for cloud computing online (from 2004 - present). I am pretty sure this trajectory will be going upwards in the future.

searches for cloud computing over time

Every successful business needs a streamlined workflow and management of time. The services from cloud computing allow businesses to do their work with ease while providing speed, performance, security flexibility, and much more.

Another good thing about cloud computing is that businesses do not need to manage the hardware as there is no hardware involved from the users’ end.

Big IT businesses are already investing heavily in cloud services as their infrastructure.

Importance of Cloud Computing in Education

Most educational institutions have already started teaching about cloud computing and its benefits. Cloud compute services provide amazing options to help students out in their education. Some of the important advantages of cloud computing for education are:

  • Virtual Classrooms for students for distant learning.
  • Cost reduction of hardware and software as well.
  • Virtual labs that help students learn new things online via professionals.
  • Provides more exposure to advanced technologies.
  • Critical data is secured from theft.


In the end, Cloud services have more benefits than losses. Upgrading to new technologies that help ease up your work is a good practice.

Hope you have understood how cloud computing is important for everyone be it education or businesses. Share some of your thoughts in the comments below, how cloud services have helped you.

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