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Top 9 Best Educational PC Games for Kids in 2021

As a parent, you must be thinking about good educational PC games for kids. It would be amazing to make learning fun for kids.

Games are a great medium to make kids learn with fun. Not all games are meant for the kids but there are some education PC games that kids can play. Educational games enable kids to think more, increases creativity and curiosity.

As a parent, you must be thinking about good educational PC games for kids. It would be amazing to make learning fun for kids.

To ease out your process, I have found some amazing PC games for kids and created a list.

1. Skribbl.io


Skribbl.io is an amazing word guessing game. I have spent a lot of time with my friends playing this game. Skribbl.io is a simple word guessing game. It is a multiplayer game and parents can play with the kids. One person has to choose from three given words and have to draw something representing the word. Other players have to guess the word with the hints from drawing.

It enables kids to learn new words with a pictorial representation of the word. Playing along with your kids will help make them learn new words. Skribbl.io also increases the creativity of the kids. As they find different representations for a particular word. Also, it is quite funny XD.


  • Kids learn new words.
  • Increases creativity among kids.
  • Educational Online game for kids.
  • Free of Cost
  • Many members can play together

2. ABCya.com


ABCya.com is a portal of many Educational PC games for kids. In this website, you can multiple games in different categories. You can choose games according to grade. It also allows kids to choose from letters, numbers, strategy, and skill games.

ABCya.com provides a lot of choice for educational kids games. Parents can choose whatever educational game they think is better. The most amazing thing is, you don’t have to install anything. You can just go their website, choose and start playing.


  • Many different games.
  • Choose from many different categories.
  • No application to install.

3. Little Alchemy

little alchemy

Little Alchemy is a quite simple but effective educational game for kids. It teaches kids to play with basic elements on the planet and create new things. It helps kids to try and test with different materials to make new products.

It will start with air, earth, water, and fire. Kids will experiment with different elements and for new ones. This will teach them how new earthly bi-products are formed. For example, fire and earth create lava. If added water it will turn into obsidian. Cool and fun game for kids.

Lots of possibilities.


  • It is free of cost.
  • Simple and very easy to play.
  • Makes kids think of different possibilities.

4. National Geographic Games for kids

national geographic kids games

National Geographic is a well known name when it comes to educational content. Although, National Geographic is educational channel. It has many educational PC games for kids in their website. It has many quizzes and guessing games for kids. Most of the games are educational and are related to the animal kingdom.

Kids will learn about different animal species and their behavior. All the games can be played online on their platform and no different application is needed to be downloaded.


  • Most of the games are free to play.
  • No different application is required.
  • Increases knowledge about animal kingdom.
  • Kids can easily play educational games online.

5. ItzaBitza


ItzaBitza is a unique PC game compared to other educational games. In ItzaBitza kids have to draw with their creativity and see the drawing interact with the game character. For Example, Kids will draw a house and the character will go inside through the door. ItzaBitza will definitely increase children’s creativity.

ItzaBitza is a very popular educational PC game. It makes learning fun for kids. This game will engage children to think of possible situations they can make.

You can download the game from steam or other platforms. Play it after installing in your PC.


  • Increases creativity among kids.
  • Makes drawing fun for kids.
  • Very popular educational game.

6. Minecraft


Minecraft has been in trend for quite a while. From kids to professional gamers, everyone plays this game. Most of you might think that how can Minecraft be educational? But it is. In Minecraft, players have to create their own house, create food, and protect themselves. It makes children think more and use their creativity to protect and survive in the wild.

Many kids are already on this game. Although, the online servers can be very bad for the kids. When played carefully, Minecraft can be a fun and educational game for kids.

This game is not free. You can purchase it for PC or Mobile. It comes on both platforms. Also, it can be very confusing at the beginning for kids. Minecraft is rated best for kids of 7+ years.


  • Kids can explore into the environment.
  • Make equipment for survival.
  • Makes creativity flow.
  • Increases curiosity among children.

7. BBC Games For Kids

bbc kids games

BBC has been gaining the attention of kids from the CBeebies channel. They have also introduced many amazing, fun, and educational PC games for kids. Children can go to their website to start playing any game they like. There are many games on their platform like puzzle games, cadet rescue, etc.

BBC has introduced many games for the kids to play. These are all online games that can be played through their website.


  • Website contains many different educational games.
  • Mostly free to play games.
  • No other installation required.

8. Seterra


Making kids learn world maps and country states is not easy at all. Country and state names can be confusing. Getting their position in mind is another hassle. Seterra makes it easy and fun to learn state names and maps for kids. Parents can play along with the children to help make kids understand the geographic locations.

Kids will be asked on click on the map for the given country name. Even if the kids are unsuccessful to find the names. It will show the answer with location. It will be pretty fun to play.


  • Entirely online game.
  • Makes it easy to learn maps while playing for kids.
  • Has man different maps and locations.
  • Easy to play the game.

9. Starfall

starfall education

Starfall Education is a portal of many different educational Games, Movies, and books for kids. Starfall has games for kids from kindergarten to Grade 3. From Maths to quizzes to puzzle games, you will find many different kinds of games that are primarily focused on the educational development of kids.

Most parents will find Starfall a good way to teach their kids through games. Like all other portals, Starfall games for kids can played through their website directly online. Not need to download and install anything.


  • Find many different amazing educational games.
  • Entirely online setup.
  • Easy to navigate and play.

These are some of the games and portals that I find educational for kids. Although, Educational PC games can be subjective from parent to parent. If you have any other educational PC games for kids in mind. You can tell us in the comments below. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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